This is the iPad resource list created from the iPad PLC for SEN in South Wales headedscreenshot.png by Trinity Fields School and Resource Centre, Caerphilly.

The PLC ran from 2012-2013 and was a collaboration between staff from Trinity Fields, Ashgrove, Heronsbridge, The Court School, Ysgol Pen-y-Bryn, Ysgol Penmaes, Maes Ebbw and Nottage Primary.

The focus here is on apps for pupils with severe learning difficulties (SLD) and permanent and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD). Especially apps that use the iPad's strengths-i.e. touch screen, tilting, camera, microphone and mobility to increase engagement.

All of these apps have been used in our schools with pupils with SEN.

James Winchester has some of these apps and others reviewed on his blog:

There is also a home wiki on using other gesture based technology in special needs schools with pupils with severe learning difficulties (SLD)
An article I wrote for SEN Magazine on using iPads with SLD and PMLD pupils is available here:
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The apps are divided into categories, they are not in any particular order of worthiness.
Gesture Based Apps
Sensory Touch
Sound Reactive
Cause and Effect
Tilt Apps
Augmented Reality

Gesture Based Camera Apps

These apps use the camera on the iPad to convert movement into sound. I use them a lot with my PMLD pupils- especially with a iPad gooseneck stand to get it into a good position on their wheelchair. They don't require touching the screen- and many of them reflect the users face- which pupils like too. There's not many and most of these are free so get them all!

Airvox - 1.99 - Yes! Total gesture based technology genius on your iPad! This app is like a version of Soundbeam that uses the front facing camera to track hand or head movements to create sound, loads of different sound choices, from piano to chocolate to UFO. Lots of potential with pupils, especially attached to a bendy arm holder on a wheelchair! Also works with objects waved over it, I tried some material on a stick! I also played it with my nose as you can see below!
Playing Airvox with my nose!

Music- I love gesture based apps- and this one uses the front facing camera to track movement- and it turns this movement into harp notes. Shame the active section is so small but it works well- I use this one on a wheelchair stand to turn pupils' movement into notes. Cheap too.
air harp.png

Color Band
This app takes left right up and down movement from in front of the camera to play lines that are drawn on the screen. The great advantage is that you can draw the lines yourself and give them different pitch and sounds- like harp strings, drums etc so you can customise the experience. It's great- but don't put too much on the screen or it sound cacophonic! Worth it. Here's a photo of my smiley face playing a harp that I drew a smile on!

color band.PNG

Somantics- Touch, Sound and camera interaction. Developed by UWIC specifically for ASD pupils- FREE, Kinect version out too!
ReacticklesMagic- Touch, sound and visual interaction. Kinect version also out that uses microphone to turn sound into visuals. Developed by UWIC for ASD pupils- FREE.

Museic Box

A free music app from the MUSE project aimed at SEN- and it's free. This music app is deceptively simple- it has three methods to trigger a scale of musical notes arranged in vertical bars on the screen. One is touch- move across the screen to trigger notes, one is tilt, or 'accelerometer', which triggers the notes when the iPad is tilted and the third uses the front facing camera to trigger the notes when fingers/ faces or anything else moves in front of the iPad screen. There's a selection of different sounds (some of which are a bit crazy!) and also various settings to personalise the interaction. A wonderful open-ended multi- gesture controllable app made with our pupils in mind. Check out the other resources available at

AUMI- I don't usually list apps to avoid but I was very dissappointed with this app. It's meant to be a gesture based musical app developed in America for special needs pupils but at the moment it is not responsive enough- and this causes frustration for the pupils when it doesn't work! It also costs £6.99 so it's an expensive mistake to make. Try Airvox or get the above MUSE project app!

Sensory Touch
All of these respond to touch in some way, use a finger, 3 fingers, your hand, your cheek, your nose, your friends nose to make a wonderful myriad of lines, dots and glows respond to the sense of touch. Settings contols on most of them allow you to adjust the colour, longevity, size etc to make it a perfectly adaptable tool for SLD and PMLD pupils. There's lots of them but they do all do different things.

You can't go wrong with these two genius touch and sound apps by Simon Evans at
Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box! Gotta get this one for touch and sound! 21 different touch apps that have a sound reward too- leaves, hearts, fire, rain, grimbles (try it!). VERY well designed visuals and touch- interaction, screen shot below is the main menu. This is the touch app to get first.
cause and effect sensory light box.png

Cause and Effect Sound Box- And the sister app for the above- 12 apps that give visual and changing sound feedback from touch. Burpoid gives different pitch burps, Mewsic makes the cats meeeeeow. I've used this with visually impaired pupils this week and it's spot on.
august 001.png

Mandala HD- (Yomba Software) Mandala patterns and music that change with touch, good introduction app to touching- VERY busy visuals and easy to make dramatic changes with a few finger swipes. Chilling music too! A favourite for VI pupils in the dark room.
Mandala- Music and changes a lot with small finger swipes.

Ooze- Glowing blob to touch, push and tilt around the screen, colours slowly change, blobs join together again when pushed together.
Ooze- glowy touchy blobby fun.

Heat Pad- free, leaves heat traces after touching, good for whole hand pressers who are slow movers, put hand on, leave it a bit, take it off and watch the outline slowly fade. Also works on face!
Head Pad. My fingers, but you can use faces too!

Another Sensory App House app- a touch one. Touch the screen with one, two or three fingers and you get an electric line graphic and electricity sound response, nice immediate and 'shocking' response! The other Sensory App House apps are touch based ones which are versions of perhaps better ones listed below in the Sensory Touch section.

Laser Light Show (PDJ Apps)- £1.49 very, very good touch light show- light lines emerge from single and multiple touches, very good graphics, 7 different visual modes and the wonderful 'Sticky Fingers' option, so once touched the screen will remember it which is good for pupils with slow reactions, also makes for good visual explosions when it is touched again.

Art of Glow- touch to make glowing shapes, lots of settings, especially longevity, very adaptable and bright, change pretty much every setting so good for fast fingered users and slower responders- as you can set the longevity of one touch to a long time period.

Art of Glow

Retina 1000+ lines and Retina 1000+ Dots- Really good touch lines and dots for 69p, two touches has different effect than one, or three. Swirly, rotational etc.
Retina 1000 lines

Spawn Glo HD- Excellent. Lines attract to touch, can be pushed away, again lots of different settings so adaptable for the type of touch and response time of student.

Gravitarium 2- Excellent, excellent touch screen graphics and music. GET FULL- 1.49. If you buy one Touch app, this might be it! Pupils favourite for a liney graphic touch screen app, work.


Line Art-(PDJ Apps) Super! touch the screen and hundreds of little lines attract to your finger. Very high defination graphics, nice background ambience, Sticky Fingers option too, and two fingers, three fingers creaet very different responses, really organic responses- Free. Very Good touch app.

Silks- 69p. Touch app- nice gentle touch visuals, high definition graphics, very mellow. Calm music too in background, and you can change the wind directions and colour choices.
Silks. Nice gentle touch app with music.

Fluidity (free)- Organic fluid touch screen app. You can change the viscosity of the fluids.


Vortex K- (free). Touch to create lines and patterns- music emanates in response to this. Gentle, good graphics and the sound element is a welcome addition.

Vortex K

Tesla Toy- £1.49. Flo Longhorn loves it and for good reason. Lots of little light lines wiggle about, attract to your finger with one touch, rotate between two touches, go a bit wierd for three touches and go absolutely bonkers with four touches. Good old 'Sticky Fingers' setting means you can make effects then remove fingers to watch them happen. Nice and fluid, organic graphics.
Tesla Toy with Sticky Finger on- the lines keep feeding into the circle, touch again and they'll explode out.

I Love Fireworks- touch fireworks, good version as longer finger touches cause bigger fireworks- lined touches produce different effects too.
I Love Fireworks

Particles- Good. touch to attract dots set out in a geometrical matrix, when you take off finger they stop, also swirl them around. FREE

Particle Pad- (Free) Touch sensitive, multiple 'themes' like meteor, deep blue etc and an ambient soundtrack. Would look good on whiteboard too with a lead.
One of the many visual options on Particle Pad

Fluid Toy 2- (69p) Another Touch liquidy fluidy one, changing viscosity is a good part- if you want to work on swiping and increasing pressure. Has music too, piano, nice on for the darkroom.
Fluid Toy 2. Aaaaah.

Grow Your Own-(Autologous Interactive) (free or 69p) Nice- touch and move finger across screen and wierd lines will expand out.
Grow Your Own colourful lines!

Art In Motion(PDJ Apps)- I could put this in art but it's really a touch screen sensory app. It is GOOD! VERY GOOD. It has tons and tons of settings and effects when you touch, particles attract to you, exploding lava, glowing gems that zoom to your finger, then fall according to gravity when you let go, has gloopy tilting effects, all sorts. This is really many touch apps all rolled into one. You can also use the options to create an effect and then save it for future use, I've just made one that drops magnets into the scene that attract particles and spin around- see photo below.
ipad 001.png
Prtcl- Okay, it's ANOTHER touch app, there's lots here already- but this one sort of loops around as if your iPad was moving in a big circle- so the graphics made come around again, and again and again. Good graphics as designed by graphic designers.

Sensory Light
Apps that are useful for dark room activities, like an interactive torch, to change colours as you tilt or turn or swipe. Useful for PMLD pupils with VI or for tracking activities.

Theraplasma- non touchable plasma lights and music
Direction Light- light colour changes as you turn ipad like compass.
Glowing Boxes- yup, boxes that glow.
Jlight- finger tap to bottom to light and darken colour block
Colorspin- color changes as ipad tilted.
Candle- really good pretend candle
Flashlight- scroll through different colour screens. simple.
ohDisco- Disco lights!
Magma- From Sensory House Apps- not very responsive but nice glowy orange magma for a whiteboard.

Sensory Ambient

(Mainly passive experiences with lots of nice graphics, colours and/or music)
Lines and flowers- music with lines and flowers going across screen- subtlety changeable with touch.
Ambient- thunderstorm, rainforest, paradise sounds
Asian Sleep HD- set ambient sound effects- waterfall, bells etc.
Relax melodies- select tabs of birds, underwater sounds.
Atmospheric- planets that make sounds when rotated.
Spawnmusic- free, music equalizer, play your music tracks and watch the lines dance!
Eyegasm II- 69p - Excuse the name, lovely visuals, can play as background to your music or just on its own (it does it's own thing anyhow!) can be pinched to zoom and swiped to move, Eyegasm I is a different colour. Very lovely.

Sound Reactive
One of the advantages of the iPad is that it is a little square mobile box that can turn sound input into a visual reaction. Use it to encourage pupils to make sounds, speak, be louder or quieter, or as an incentive to practice their speech.

Strange name but lovely app. It converts sound into little colour bubbles- and there's a delay too so you get an echo from the sound made. Two of my pupils in class respond well to this. If you make a continuous tone the bubbles all come out of the same place too so it's great for pupil who make 'drone' noises. Also, as a found out when a pupil did it- if you touch five fingers on screen you change the graphics and it's also a touch screen visual app. Great for projection onto a whiteboard too. I use this a lot with my PMLD class. The screenshot below doesn't do it justice!


Responds to sound by a colour disk effect. Nice.

Soundscape 2
This nice app converts sound into a variety of graphics- there's about ten different effects. It will also convert your itunes music into same visual effects too. Nice with lots of visuals and settings.

Rabbit Hole
I hope the name of this app refers to Alice in Wonderland! A graphic visualiser that takes you down a magical tunnel- but make sounds and the graphics will change. Very nice for whiteboard.
rabbit hole.PNG
Speak Up
Sensory App House have been releasing some nice apps recently. Speak Up is a sound responsive app- you talk/make a noise and you can have an instantly responsive graphic such as a star, circle, triangle. You can also get a 'timeline' that spikes up when a noise is heard- as in the photo below. Good app to use for sound response activities and this works well attached to a whiteboard as well. Free at the moment too!
speak up.png
Bla Bla Bla- Abstract faces respond and change according to sounds heard, man, woman, cat etc. Free and although a simple concept it's one which utilizes the iPads strengths. Visuals not too busy- which some pupils like.
Tiltoria- Fractal type touch app but images are also sound responsive. It takes a while to get the hang of as there is so much you can alter on it- colour, size, input type (touch or sound or even tilt) but this is its attraction- it works really well as a visual sound responder and a tilting app as well as a touch responsive app. Free/.69p
Tiltoria -really adaptable visual sound responsive graphics

Crazy Face- Different characters move mouths in response to you speaking.
Anemone- 69p swirly anemone's sound and touch receptive too, in a kind of relaxed way, not too busy, just tendrilly.

Reactickles and Somantics- See gesture based above- these both react to sound.

Voidie- Touch and sound reactive 'void' graphics. Make a noise and the bubbles increase on the screen. Colour changing option. Great plugged into whiteboard- using iPad a a mike. The louder you shout or talk the larger the graphical change.

Cause and Effect
Touch the screen (cause) and something happens (effect). We're all used to it from switch work, these can be good introductions to the iPad, or for those one touchers, or to get pupils attention.

Switch- A big green switch you touch and lovely piano music and visual effects play for a few seconds then back to the switch. Sort of a transition tool really from switches to touch screen but also a good cause and effect app.

Bit strange but in a good way- a bubblegum heads blow up from a body- touch it and it pops! Then another one grows out. Simple and effective cause and effect.

Little Digits- Great emerging Numeracy/ Cause and Effect app from Chris O'Shea- put one finger on the screen and number one comes up and it says 'one', put 6 fingers on and number 6 come up and it says '6' (I think it stops at 10!). So simple it works. You can move onto answering 1-10 addition and subtraction questions with your digits for an extension- so it's a great motivating app for early number work, and well designed too.
little digits.PNG
I've got three pinkies on the screen!

Color Dots. (Ellies Games) Touch one floating dot and it dissapears, then two appear, touch those then three appear and so on! Nice popping sound when touched. You can also change dot size and speed and have pops or music notes. Nice!
color dots.png

Toca Boca Apps

All of them are superb for cause and effect, matching, sorting, interacting with the pupil and life skills. Make a folder just for them, get them all! Pupils love them.
Toca Doctor, Toca House, Toca Hair Salon, Toca Car, Toca Builders etc. (around 1.50 each)
Toca Boca Hair Salon- bad hair day!

Videotouch- A good cause and effect and emerging choice making- touch an icon and a video plays relating to it. There's a transport one and an animal one at the moment. Sister app to Soundtouch, which when you touch the icon shows a photo with sound. Both good. £1.49.
video touch.PNG
Pop Balloons!- The clue is in the title really. Settings change the number of balloons, if they move fast, slow or not at all means it is adaptable for lots of pupils using touch/press for cause and effect. You can also machine gun them, but that's cheating.
august 003.png
Bubbles- Move finger to make blue bubbles appear, then pop them! Nice graphics.

TouchSounds- Music app I suppose but really simple, make lines and they play as notes.

Squeaky Birds Piano- Yes, it's a Squeaky Birds Piano! When you touch the notes the birds squawk like they've been

squeaky birds piano.png

Move Paint- and Broom Broom. Hard to categorise apps- on one touch and a little bug appears and comes alive, make a line and a snake does, they wonder around the screen then. It's like you're some sort of insect creating God. On the other draw a line and cars drive along it.

Move paint.pngbroom broom.png

Baby Touch- Yes, it sounds like a baby app but actually you touch the screen four times to colour in segments of photographs of textures. So it not that babyish at all! Below is water photo been touched twice.
baby images.png
Baby Touch Shapes- Annoying baby music, but the visuals themselves are age appropriate, touch to make coloured expanding shapes appear.
august 005.png
Butterfly- touch to make them appear. Free
Hatch- touch to crack an egg open. Free
Yellowtail- Right, here goes, touch and make lines and they turn into moving objects that move according to how you touched the screen- so one quick touch down makes a little tadpole type graphic that moves quickly up, a slow stroke diagnonally makes a fat slug that moves slowly diagonally across screen and the screen is wrapped so they keep coming back, that make sense? Quick squiggles make snake like moving patterns, loops loop etc. By Golan Levin, a genius interactive computer designer from Carnegie Mellon University. Great for causing different actions according to direction, speed and length of touch.

There is a range of simple 'sound effect' apps with 4 or so sound effects- big buttons that you press to make the sound. Good for introduction/ easy cause and effect. But beware of advertising, inappropriate sounds and perhaps you could be using a BigMack or switch for this type of activity anyway.


One of THE great motivators for pupils is sound- the iPad has some great sound creating apps that utilise the touch screen to excellent effect. There are good composition and interaction apps here for SLD pupils. I've focused on the ones that just need a few simple actions to make sound- a few random touches can create elegant soundscapes and compositions. The pupils can play around with the sounds as much as they like so SLD pupils can contribute to lessons in so many ways.
Note: I've left off all the simple imitation instrument apps, like pianos and drums as there are plenty out there.

Newtonica Player- Spin the central ball to make electronica tune start, then press the four buttons below it to add different sound effects. Easy way to interact and compose simple tunes, and age appropriate for older pupils.

Music- Yes a strange name but this is a nice Musical Touch app. There are squares on screen- touch or move them and little black balls come out and bounce and chime around. Nice and simple music interaction.

Harp Of Innocence- Excellent colourful touch harp with angelic background music and a little flying thing that eats birds as you pluck! Genius.
Nice Touch Harp with a twist.

Tunetrace (June 2013)
Drawing/Music- Very good and simple idea to engage SLD/MLD pupils with (P5-NC1). Requires no specific knowledge or skills from the pupils- just draw a picture of anything, take a photo and the app converts it into a tune, or a soundscape. I used this with pupils who drew lines, circles, squiggles and then saw what they 'sounded like'. Lots of fun and laughter, some pupils went back to the drawing board to retry ideas. Pupils also took photographs of each other and listened to what their friends (and teacher) sounded like and one pupil took photos of his favourite animal book to see what the animals sounded like. Great art, music and communication lesson in one app. Clever lateral thinking that really makes an app special and not just a regurgitated touch screen app.
Magic Zither- Touch operated Chinese Zither. FREE and has one instrument page and one more organic composition page to stroke and make graphic and sound responses.

Instrument Page on Zither

Falling Stars-Great fun- touch to make lines appear, then touch raindrops that fall, loop and make a tune, very easy to compose a good tune. FREE
Falling Stars makes lovely sounds.

Beat Machine
More of a sound effect board but it has some nice age appropriate sounds for older pupils- rap and house and suchlike- three free boards. I know you gonna dig this!
beat machine.PNG

Beatwave- touch screen to fill in dots anyway you like- the app plays them in a wave and so makes beats that loop and loop. Easy to use composer, age appropriate, nice graphics too. FREE

Beatwave- touch and it plays!

Alien Beatbox- Works in a similar way to Beatwave- Activate blocks by touching alien icons to make looped sounds, can get really annoying as the sounds are all arcade bleeps and blips, for the same reason the pupils love it.

Soundzen HD- Activate blocks by touching to make looped sounds that bounce off each other.
Soundrop- (1.50) Draw lines to bounce balls around that make sounds, similar to falling stars. Set the source of the balls, then a few swipes will make a composition.


Soundprism- touch boxes to make organ and synth sounds, easy to access, you can change settings too- so it remembers where you last pressed and keeps playing it for instance. Good for making cord sounds, easy to use and pretty interface too.


Synthtastic- (free) finger strokes make synth sounds, two fingers make cords, has echoes etc. (very 80’s synth sounding) but interactive and accesible.


PimbaKalimba- (free) ‘play’ dots with thumbs or fingers to make kalimba sounds (is that a real instrument?), with great graphics.

Pimba Kalimba

Singing Fingers- (free) Excellent- draw and record sound clips as you speak/draw, touch the lines and it replays sound clips, so move fingers faster and it'll play it back faster. Hard concept to explain in words but it works!

MadPad (smule)- Excellent- records short audio/video clips and saves them automatically onto a 4 by 4 grid, replayed when touched. Create a class sound experience with instruments, everyday objects or vocalisations- very simple to use. FREE

MadPad short audio and video clips.

Music- Wall of Sound- either presents your iPad music content as a grid of tiles- just press a tile to play a track, or streams hundreds of albums through wifi. Excellent for pupils motivated by music as a player for them to access, but will also play explicit tracks so needs supervising. FREE.

Thicket- £1.49 I love this, age appropriate and addictive- touch screen to alter the song- with graphics, really fluid and organic, made by the guy who's working with Bjork now on her music apps. Inpurchase extra tracks too but they aren't half as good, although 'Cathedral' is worth the 69p.

Squiggle-(1.49) draw lines then play them like a harp.

Soundythingie (1.49)- draw lines and they play themselves in a loop, bit abstract and weird sounds but good.

Aura Flux- (1.49) drag small icons onto board and they spin, play and loop. It does sound a bit tinny and requires some good finger control.

Aquasonic- (1.49) Excellent, highly recommended organic composition app based around water theme. Press to create sounds that loop, also brush water surface to make ripples and sounds, different backgrounds too but same principle, tilt to change sound effects. Like a sonically interactive swimming pool. Perfect for the summer!
Aquasonic the interactive musical pool.

Harmonizer (free) simple touch and play a note app- arranged in grid and plays chords. nice simple touch and hear app. colourful.
Shapemix (free- can inbuy tracks) I love this one for older students, takes seperate elements of drum and bass tracks and you can insert them and move them up and down to make them louder/quieter. You can mix different elements of different songs too to make your own mix.
Slewpi- 69p. Draw lines that make different sounds and build up, bit high pitched at times, good easy to use compostion/ exploration app.
Raindrops- 69p- Touch the screen, droplets fall on background and play notes. Simple yet effective. Slight time delay as the droplets fall which may actually suit some pupils better than an instant reaction.
Vid Rhythm - free at the moment ! When I bought it it was 1.49 but still well worth money. You select a music type, style of video and within a few minutes you can have a very professional looking music video. This is great fun too.
Spoke- (1.50) Drum beat machine, easy to use, drop dots into a circle to make beats.

Enso- Found this on Richard Hirstwood. Touch to make little pulsating circles that when they collide they make nice gongy ambient sounds. B-doooong.

Glow Tunes- Bit like Beatwave above, fill in dots with different colour lights and the music replays in sequence. Good.

ipad 002.png
Glow Tunes

Tilt- Sensory
I love tilt apps! Put the iPad on a lap, a leg, on an arm in the dark room, lots of ways to use the tilt response of the iPad with PMLD and SLD pupils.

Music Ball- Free and excellent, touch to make balls, tilt ipad and which ever wall they hit makes different sound, then they bounce off and get a little bit smaller and quieter. Lovely tilting and touching sensory app for all students.

Liquid- A liquid made of dots that tilts and splashes around. You can change the viscosity and stiffness and gravity and more for fast or slow movements. Super.
Anemona- tilting anemone lights- lovely, relaxing.
Balls Hut- touch to make balls appear and tilt to bounce around screen, immediate cause and effect with touch and tilt.
Jiggle Balls HD- excellent, touch screen to make a bouncy ball that bounces and makes noise, then tilt away!
iChunk- draw shapes then play with them- move and tilt
Tiltoria- Mentioned above in Sound Responsive- can also be used as tilt sensitive graphical app.
Balls (ionic) (69p) - Good sensory touch and tilt app with music- balls react to tilting and hit edge of screen to make noises (like Music Ball) but you can also speed them up/change directions with finger swipes. Good easy music tilting app.
Balls (ionic) bouncy musical tilting balls of light!

Speech Repeaters

Songify. Say a short phrase, it records it and makes a song out of it. FREE (buy songs in app) Great fun.
These all do the same thing- repeat what you say, and you can stroke them, slap them etc. all free with paid versions, I'd get a few paid versions and leave it at that.
Talking Billy, Talking Tom, Talking Tom2, Talking Ben, Talking Roby, Talking John, Talking Larry, Talking Bunnie, Talking Baby.
New one- Talking Gugl- Little alien blob that does same as above!

Like music, there's lots of free simple drawing ones with pens and paint effects etc- these have bit more to them.

iChunk-draw shapes then play with them- move and tilt
iDoodle- draw over photographs
Rainbow Draw- (free) simple drawing with rainbows.
SplatterHD- Does the same as a pay for Jackson Pollock one above and it's free! There is an on-line version that does the same (
Splatter HD

PulsART- Draw '3D' hills and valleys with finger swipes.
RGB Petri-Touch screen once and colours 'grow' out from the touch, you can zoom and block the colours but this is a nice 'one touch' app for cause and effect, and you get a pretty picture at the end.

Kids Paint (Phyzios) With this app you paint and draw with a finger- but then the painted things become free floating objects affected by gravity- so you can tilt and shake them or move them around on the screen to where you want them. You can also pour water into the screen, and add icons like the lorry below. The colours blend together too if they get too wet. A genius interactive drawing app that uses the iPads best bits.

phyzio draw.png
Green circles with a bit of water.


Slow Mo Player- records vocals, replays slow and fast, touchable and tilt.
Play Button- really simple and easy record and play back button. Free
Sound Slate- add different noises to different sections of the screens.
iTalk- Free app from Griffin (that make the indestructable covers) a simple one button that records and plays.

Augmented Reality
One thing which the iPad does that not much else can is AR- AR merges the real world with the digital, some use markers to print out, and when you point the iPad camera at them wonderful things happen in 3D that you can walk around, move closer to and interact with, some use your face for games, some make bunnies jump around or dragons fly around in the air. Print out the corresponding markers from the makers websites. Great for finding and tracking games or stories, or for being flashy. Also pretty much all free.

String- Free- really, really good intro to AR, dragon comes out of hole in wall, alien walks around, 3d shoe and an ‘draw in the air’ part. WOW factor! Get the 4 markers from
This miserable little chap will walk around your table, touch screen to tell him where to go!
ar shoe.jpg
it5 augmented reality- 6 different models at the moment including a sheep and a globe, the globe you can walk around which is good, was hoping they'd add more stuff, but not so far. Marker from:
AR Dinosaur- One free t-rex, others to buy. Pic of the little fellow below. Markers at :
ar dino.png

AR Robot- Free- robot that opens up on a moon marker from:
Konstruct- AR app that lets you draw a 3d image above the marker as you move iPad:
Hour Blue- futuristic robot appears on marker from:
Bunnie Fingers! 3D interactive Easter Rabbit Reality- No Marker needed and best used in open space! Turn it on and virtual bunnies run and bounce around your classroom or where ever you are standing, leaving little muddy pawprints! Get pupils to track them or follow them, find the blue one etc. Super!
AR Dragons- Free- No marker needed- virtual AR dragons fly around your head, or you can fly one yourself around the room, land it, make it breath fire. Pay to get the full game but it's great as it is too!
Skinvaders- No marker needed as it uses your own face as the basis for the game, aliens pull your skin and are ‘stuck’ onto you until you squash them off!
Pocket Jet- Free- Fly an AR plane with your left and right finger touch, it can fly around you, behind you so you've got to turn around to keep it in sight! Again pay for the full game where you shoot other planes but it's fine as it is too!
Aurasma- This is where YOU come in. You can make your own virtual digital layers over the real world- for making your own AR links to pictures and videos, point iPad at your door and make a picture or video appear of your class working inside! Make AR trails, link a display with photos and videos of the pupils making the display, point it at signs and get a description of what it means- endless possibilities.
Zappar- AR reader with lots of different markers, although mainly linking to advert/ t shirts etc.Morfo- Free- Avatar creator, easy to use, take photo of a face and it turns it into an avatar which can speak recorded sounds and be altered, AR related.Action Movie FX- (Free, in-app purchases to extend) Point camera to film a person or scene from a few metres away for a few seconds, save it, then it'll replay it with a layered effect over the top like an action movie- so you can blow up your car, drop a boulder on your PC, fire rockets at the school pets etc. Great attention grabber and intro app to movie making.

Other Stuff

Phyzios- This is so great. Choose the material you want from the bottom menu and touch or make lines on the screen to add it, and it behaves like the material- so wall and stone are sturdy, rubber is rubbery, wood gets burnt when you add fire etc. Also add taps to pour water, drains so it sinks away, pivots to make water wheels etc. The materials also tilt when you tilt the iPad. Great interactive physics.
Waterfall with stone, water tap and sink hole!

Sandbox (Phyzios) you have a sandbox in 3D- dig in it, add water, rake it etc, then change the viewpoint. Also has a sand tray, Japanese garden, desert, rainy sandbox and beach. Just a great interactive 3D app. Also got some sand related games on it too.

For information on how to use the iPad with SEN go to or or search YouTube for his instructional videos, a great place to start.