DATE CHANGE! The next PLC meeting is at Trinity Fields School, Ystrad Mynach on Thursday 12th December. 9:30-3:15.
We will be reviewing some evidence so please bring some videos and some completed sheets along!

An important part of the PLC is assessing the effectiveness of the work we are doing.
The PLC decided to use the Leuven Scale for Involvement and Well-Being together with a self-created Scale for Attainment that runs the same.
Each activity is then given a score of 1-5 in whichever scale is appropriate. It can be for two of the Scales, e.g. Involvement and Well Being, or if a specific task is being used the the Attainment scale would be the most useful.
Below is the general document for evaluating iPad sessions:

This is the Scale for Attainment that we are using for specific tasks, e.g. counting, writing etc:

This is the Scale for Well Being:

This is the Scale for Involvement:

October 2012

A few of us met at Ysgol Pen Maes in Brecon. Anne Marie showed us around the school. We looked at one evidence from Pen Maes and The Court School, discussed a few things, one of which was the lock screen ability with the new IOS 6 operating system.
Info on this can be found in Richard Hirstwood's video here:

12th June 2012

Group met at ESIS and representatives from all schools attended. Discussed progress so far, saw some evidence examples and how each school was intending recording engagement and progress. Lots of different user groups are involved, from PMLD and SLD to SBD and MLD pupils in a mainstream context.
There were different levels of progress with iPad implementation and some syncing issues, especially with some LEA's blocking iTunes until quite recently. Staff training and familiarity was also an important issue. Discussed the myriad of ways that iPads and tablets were being used in our schools.
Focused on sharing our literacy and numeracy apps after lunch, aimed at P5-NC2. Added these to group wiki site and also agreed to use the Leuven Involvement and Well-Being scales for general assessment and recording purposes, although some schools will also use central school data records. A group also made a new Leuven type scale for academic task based sessions to compliment the other two scales. This will be added to the wiki soon.
Agreed to meet at Ysgol Penmaes in October and also to arrange the next full day as a Communication focused day involving more SALT staff and professionals.

25th April 2012

Group met at Ashgrove School in Penarth, saw the wonderful ICT facilities there.
Each school reported on where they were and we discussed data gathering and considered a format to use for recording, at the moment videoing is probably the best option, any paperwork we can adapt to suit then. We all shared some ideas and good practice and had a play, sorry, demonstrated some new apps.